A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own, a 1992 film about All-American Girls Professional Baseball League that was established when WWII was happening. It's a fictional but it portrays perfectly how degraded women are back in those days. 

When all the husbands are all going to war, AAGPBL was established for one reason only, which is to make money. So the girls were selected also by their looks, they were given skirts and costumes that were impossible and incredibly dangerous to play baseball in. When in truth, these girls are all tough strong women, some are mothers, some are wives, and sisters. They play baseball because they love the sport. 

The movie portrays how these girls were all treated as some sort of a merchandise, an advertisement, an entertainment, and they weren't being taken seriously as athletes. It reveals some perspectives that girls can't play baseball, they belong in the kitchen, on TV, or in magazines. But the truth is they are all the same as men, they work to survive.

Personally, this movie shows me how they stomp all over women's place in society, but these strong women stood strongly still doing what they love and working their ass of to survive at those times of war. 

The cast are all amazing, they showed their best performance, and I know how much I love Tom Hanks so I won't have to tell you what I think of him. They gave their all in baseball training and impeccable acting through out the movie. That deserves some respect, and the movie was a hit so all those hard work must have paid off. 

The characters have a variety of life background, they have different problems in life and with their team they all tackle difficulties in and out of fields. The bonds within the team were acted out perfectly, they were really solid on and off screen. 

I recommend this movie because there are so many things that you can take from the meaning, the acting, the social culture, and society back in those days, particularly American. Also, it's just really cool to watch girls playing baseball. 


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