Reply 1994

I owe myself this one post for Reply 1994. To be honest, I finished it not long ago, and this drama is asking for a good review. 

There's so much to love about this drama, so where can I start? 

The first thing that I love is the variety of characters in this drama. Every one has their own unique character and attitude towards the events that are happening around the life of the Sincheon Boarding House's members. Every one have their flaws, problems, stories, and good sides in their attitude. For example, Sam Cheon Po (it's a nickname) may seem a bit ignorant and selfish, but in the episode when Yoon Jin's mute mother came to Seoul and Yoon Jin wasn't able to look at her pager to see that her mother has arrived early, Sam Cheon Po went to the station to keep her mother company and shared his precious coffee with her. And the Boarding House Father, which seems grumpy and hotheaded, he actually loves the members very much, almost like his own dead son. And because of the wide time range, we came to know how each character grew up and came to be like what they are in 2013. Unlike those drama these days that have short time range and shallow meaning. 

Second aspect of which why I love this drama is the culture it contains. The story revolves around the events happening in Seoul within the time range of 1994 to 2013. It's very accurate and there's at least one event that is featured in every episode. With this drama I also came to love the endless variety of Korean language, because the members are all country bumpkins that came to Seoul and they are all in a state of culture shock, which is funny to watch. The writers of this drama are genius, thumbs up. Culture involves the trends back in those day, like baggy sweatshirts, pagers, 90's gigantic handphone, and 90's fashion and hairstyles (which I really love). Various Kpop artists in the 90s are also featured in this drama. Also, Yoon Jin herself and Na Jeong are true fangirls that you can totally relate. 

Third amiable aspect is its courage to portray the truth about daily life. These characters are really easy to relate because in this drama, they are truly portraying the life of a very normal citizen. They fart, they have awkward moments, they have heart breaks, they swears, they have secrets, etc. I don't know how something this ordinary can hold such a deep meaning. 

Fourth aspect is the soundtrack of this drama. The theme itself is the 90s so the soundtracks are also very 90s. I don't know if it's because of my weird oldies taste or something, I really like the scores and soundtracks of this drama. The members also sang a couple of the soundtracks so you can check them out. 

So, if you like a deep meaningful friendship story that revolves around 90s culture events and trends in Seoul, you are going to love this drama. The story is simple, although for some people, the flashbacks can be a bit confusing. And of course, the main story is the one sided love of Chil Bong to Na Jeong, but I think the friendship side of this drama is what makes it truly meaningful, that is what makes me so attached to this drama. This drama is something that I truly recommend, it's funny, sad, deep, meaningful, and ...funny! What more can you ask for? 


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