I am going to tell you a story about girl who went to her first day at school, hoping that she will be able to give her best to her studying and earn a scholarship with her excellent grades. She promised to herself that nothing will distract her from her goals and dreams. Nothing will stand in her way and she is constantly hoping for the best things to happen again. Secretly, she promised to herself another tiny little thing, than she will not be distracted by boys. She will not think of dating or even boys.

He came along. She asked God how can He make such person so perfect, and that how he will surely distract her from her purposes. He is good looking and smart. He has a good quality inside of him, a very big potential that she can see, it's as if she can see through him. She couldn't do her best because of the thoughts of him. How will she go through high school without losing her purposes?

HELP HER! Please?


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