Singing Karaoke!

I am so grateful for today, i really do. I get to see all my friends, and sang together at the karaoke. It's great seeing everybody being happy and let loose in the midst of returning to school. I guess this is a kind of a closing up for holidays. There were ten of us, ten. I didn't think it'd be so crowded. At first, i asked Dathu, Naomi, Fira, and Syifa. Then, i asked Gita and Mia. Gita asked Raisa, Aila, and Ayu to come. Too bad, Trika couldn't come. We had so much fun and sang as loud as we can. We were trying to have fun as much as we can before trying to overcome homework after homework and trouble after trouble. After spending like 2 hours singing karaoke we got something to eat, and everybody part ways. Before saying goodbye, Gita gave me a late birthday present from my seven most favorite people from Junior High, the ones who were always with me. Love you guys.

And now i find myself singing along with Kim Hyun Joong's 2nd mini album "Lucky". The first time i saw how the cover will be, i wanted to get my hands on it. I thought, mom would never buy me something like this. And now because of those people that i love so much, i can hear my idol's new music. Just so you all know, i won't ever forget the ups and downs of Junior High, and i won't forget how those guys have always been my best friends. :")

thanks for all the memories :D


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