Let me tell you this, when i came home today, i find myself running, changing, and doing things all at the same time. I cannot wait to tell you, readers, what i learned from today. Today, in the rainy morning, my mother, me, and my brother went to our so called 'pengajian'. I am a muslim, and let me explain to you what kind of a forum is this. It's kind of like a class, we say prayers, we meet friends and families, and we learned a few things about our religion with our Ustadz (teacher).

The first thing i learned from this forum is about the differences between male and female. Females, he said, were given a bigger proportion of heart than of mind. Males, he said, were given a bigger proportion of mind than of heart. That is why, we females, cry more, because we have the abilities to express our feeling after feeling after feeling, until there was none left. We were given the abilities to relate to others' feelings. We were given more feelings for us to give our child after child after child, and when they feed from our breast, and when they grow in our womb, we can give them much more than our blood and flesh, we can love them. I'm not saying that males don't have the abilities to love their children, it's just if it's about a mother's love, it never runs out. It doesn't matter how much of a trouble our children is, all we can do is love them. Personally, i am a little bit disappointed, it's not as if i'm not grateful, it's just it'd be great if i have more of a mind than of feelings, because i can be more focused to my goals and not take matters like friends and crushes and love much too seriously. But i believe humans have their purposes in life, and females were made to give birth to children, and to succeed, we were given heart and feelings.

The second thing is, there are five levels of a muslim. This is judging from our level of faith, first, Muslim, second, Mu'min, third, Muttakkin, fourth, Al-Abror, and the last one is, Al-Muttakkarabbin which is Rasulullah himself and the other prophets. A Muslim, holds islam as his religion, but he doesn't do prayers, and he has a pride that comes from sins. A Mu'min prays and sometimes holds sins but not intentionally. A Muttakkin is about the quantity of his prayers. He prays more than a Mu'min, he fasts more than a Mu'min. An Al-Abror is a person who lives from the Al-Quran, he lives to say prayers and gives all his time to God. I am not a religious person myself, but this is kinda of interesting to put on my blog. I just don't want to come and get nothing at all.

You see, i am reading a book, author: Ayu Utami and titled Bilangan Fu. What i get so far (I am not finished), is that there's a difference between knowing and believing. A modern person will think that traditional traditions are not worth believing and so are not worth knowing. We have to change that, change our glasses. We can't be Sangkuriang, who believes that he must kill his father first in order to get his mom's love. We can't be a modern person who thinks that we must not believe in traditional traditions or kill them so that we can do what modern people do. We have the abilities to know a great deal of data especially about our traditional cultures. We can preserve them by knowing them. Don't be afraid of learning your own culture, because you don't really have to believe in them. Superstitions do have meanings and it's not bad to learn them, it's just we don't have to believe in them, right? So don't be skeptical in seeing a superstition, learn them, learn the meaning, and then you can decide whether or not you believe in them.

I cannot wait to finish the book, it's vulgar and mature, but what i get is the valuable information that are in page after page after page. There's no stopping Ayu Utami to give you her suggestions and her concept in life through her characters Yuda and Parang Jati. Another time, readers. Goodbye.


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