My mother said to me, while we were driving home from school, she said, "Rif, kalau kamu bener mau bioteknologi, mending kamu ga usah di Indonesia. Langsung aja belajar di luar negeri dan tinggal di luar negeri. Bioteknologi di Indonesia ga idup." She actually said that biotechnology doesn't have a chance of surviving in my homeland. "Ga Idup" as in not alive or dead. DEAD. What do you think? Do you think that biotechnology really doesn't stand a chance in Indonesia. I can see myself making a carrier out of it, but is it really impossible to do here?

"Why" is my question. I may not know much about the development of biotechnology here in Indonesia, but i'm not really sure that it's dead. I like to believe that there are people here in Indonesia that have the potential to develop biotechnology in Indonesia. Some of them were probably being rational and chose a carrier in Law or Medical. I do like to think that doctors and lawyers are overrated, but i can't not admit that they do can make a great deal of money out of it. Your life will be guaranteed just as long as you stay on track. Some of those potentially people, took an action, but not being supported. By who? Well, by the government. I'm typing of what i can see, as a 16 year old teenage girl with big dreams ahead.

There are brilliant scientists in Indonesia that are determined and trying to develop science in Indonesia. My mom told me a story that my aunt told her. There's a scientist, here, that works for -----(i cannot tell you the name), she is a determined scientist, and she is planning on doing a scientific experiment on ---(again i cannot tell you, this time, i forgot what it is). So, she came to her boss-(this company is a government's property) to ask for a specific amount of money to spent on her scientific experiment. He refused. She, on her own initiative, used her own money for the science experiment. After the job is done, she asked her boss once again to publish her work. But then, the boss left her no choice than of it being published but in the name of the company. Is it really fair? The company refused to support her experiment, but then published her work with their name.

All i am saying is that, i might be one of those people who is rational and not willing to take any risk in life, and choose to be a doctor or any other safe occupation. I am still trying to find the determination in myself to be the one who raise the name of scientists in Indonesia, especially in biotechnology. I am a teenager, who changes her mind every 10 minutes, but i am not a child who still believes that i can be an astronaut that flies in the outer space. I do take my future seriously, but can i make my homeland's future bright too as i make my own? I am not sure.

Now i am asking you, whoever you are, that after reading this, please support the scientists in Indonesia. Save their life, or try to raise their paychecks, or maybe try to raise your children in the world of science. Please safe science in Indonesia, let's make Indonesia's name being heard of Internationally in Science.

I am proud to say that my Dad (God bless him), was one of those people who have succeeded in making Indonesia well-known in Science, or specifically Physics. He teaches those who have earn golds and silvers in International Olympics in Physics. He himself have dined with the President, because of what he have done. I am sad, that a person like him, who is very rare, have many qualities, and potentials in making Indonesia's name well-known, have died at such age. I believe now it is my time to carry his duties and his purposes. Will i succeed? I believe i can, but i have my doubts.

What does it take to succeed? I have to write these things down, but it's a big list. Another time, readers. Farewell.


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