My Mom :3

I woke up with the rainy morning today. Have i told you i love this kind of weather? A cold morning is a fresh morning to me. I don't know what i'm writing. I guess, looking at the drawings i made that were hang on the walls in my room, i have this feelings to write something. Maybe i should just go back to bed, although mom would be pissed. She just can't stand me lazying around, not her kind of lifestyle. You see, my mom was raised in a family of 9 children including her, and more importantly she is the eldest. Both my mom and dad is the eldest. With 9 children and a fragile economy, she sometimes had to help her mom running her food shop with her sisters after school. They're not the poorest family there, back then, they even had a TV, which is a luxury that they were lucky to have. She told me once that whenever Indonesia was up in the national TV fighting another country for a trophy or some sort, all of their neighbors would crash in their house and watch it together, some were even watching from outside since it's so crowded. My mom was smart too, she wanted to be a doctor, but since she has a big family and she couldn't risk anything, she went to be a teacher. She is smart. I look up to her so much as a child. Love you mom.


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