4th Music Gallery

It only comes down to this year that I have the chance to go to 4th Music Gallery. I didn't know anything about it before, but I was fortunately asked to come along by a friend who shares the same love for White Shoes & The Couples Company. So I looked it up and I saw the event run down and I just thought that I had to come despite the fact that it was exam week. Among those, I know only WSATCC, SORE, L'alphalpha, Morfem, Adhitya Sofyan, Parisude, and Andre Harihandoyo. So, of course, I can't not come, and I did come. This time, there's no regret whatsoever, and I was beyond happy. 

There are two stages, one downstairs, and one more upstairs. We came earlier than we thought so we get to buy some old second hand imported and local albums, cassettes, and records. There are also many original local albums downstairs. I bought a lot, I really did buy like five albums + two albums upstairs. The local albums that I bought are Dialog Dini Hari, Tigapagi, Efek Rumah Kaca, A.F.F.E.N, and Danilla, and for the imported second hand albums I bought Marvin Gaye and Franz Ferdinand. I was even already happy doing just that, even though that I spent a lot of money on them. 

Morfem was the first band we all watched, and it was still half empty so we made our way upfront easily. We stayed there until WSATCC finished performing. I was seriously right in front of the stage and I still couldn't take one decent photo of any of them performing with my phone. 

Anyway, Morfem's performance was crazy good, filled with crazy dancing, crazy guitar solos, crazy jumps, and still they delivered the true lyrics with true emotions-filled performance. After Morfem was done, L'alphalpha's turn was up. I knew how great they are, but I only knew a couple of their songs from soundcloud. I never even bought any of their albums. Then, they delivered their performance beautifully with soul-binding lyrics and great harmony on vocals. Their performance was very dynamic, sometimes they take it slow, and sometimes they rock the stage pretty hard. I promised myself to search for their albums till the ends of the earth. 

SORE was up next, and I was really excited, judging from a couple of their songs that I heard long time ago, I think they're going to be great. But they weren't great live, instead they were a-awesome. Their genre is kind of mixed up between light jazz, soul, and folk rock. Their lyrics were also very touching for me. I couldn't stop dancing and jumping. 

Then, there were Tika and the Dissidents. I swear, I never even heard of them, but then I cursed myself because of it. They were amaaazing, Tika's vocals were awesome, and please do not mention the awesome guitar playing. They are upbeat pop rock kind of thing, but they have important messages in their songs and that's what I like. Also, the guitarist were awesome, very charismatic, and fun to watch. The bassist of TATD couldn't be there so he was replaced by Yuyi from Sashi (DREW's main vocalist) and Yuyi duo band. Which is very cool to watch, I like her style in outfits. 


WSATCC, for me, closed it all and sums it all perfectly. Although, after WSATCC there's actually another band The S.I.G.I.T but I don't know them that well. WSATCC comes on stage and out stage with elegance and funky unique style. We were all dancing and singing along to all of their fun retro songs. The last song was Tam Tam Buku, if I'm not mistaken, and they were so cool in performing it. I can't help smiling, laughing, and screaming after each guitar solos or in between their songs. It was the climax of the night.


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