Pandai Besi

A great music album creates a perfect synchronized stationary wave between imagination and pure happiness. That's why music taste is relative, because a perfectly happy state of mind is different in everyone depends on the music they like. Not to mention that happiness will not be the only thing we're feeling, thus the joy that comes from music also depends on our mood at that precise moment. 

Last Sunday morning, I had the obligation to go to school at 8 in the morning for extra math class with my math teacher. It's not the usual bright sunny Sunday morning, instead it was a cloudy foggy gloomy and rainy Sunday morning. Cold as I was while I was driving, at the coincidence of this album that happened to be playing in my car at that moment, somehow I felt just a tiny bit warmer. I shudder at the serene pure happiness that I was feeling. 

It was not like I was laughing, perky or being merrily 'happy', but the stationary wave that the music made me feel was perfect. The music fits into the moment, into what I was feeling, and then the imagination takes care of the rest. Not many music fits into a Sunday like that, foggy and rainy and gloomy, but the feeling was amazing. I can almost imagine myself being in a thick foggy pine forest, alone but I was struggling for something greater outside of where I am. I can't explain it clearly, but that's how I felt to be honest. It sounds silly, but it feels amazing. 

Pandai Besi's core is Efek Rumah Kaca. Efek Rumah Kaca is an Indonesian indie rock band that creates a reflection in their music. They have an important message, and with creativity and soul they packaged it all in their album 'Kamar Gelap'. And then Pandai Besi was born, it consists of all the members of Efek Rumah Kaca plus a few more trumpet players, background female vocals, etc. Their first album, Daur Baur, which I talked about earlier contains a few rendition of their old songs of Efek Rumah Kaca with a brand new feeling, they added a few layers of orchestra and soulful vocals, thus born their greatest album Daur Baur. Their lyrics tell a dark deep story of struggles and hopes. I can't even imagine what I would do if I get to see them live. Shameful that I only discovered them now. 

Here's the link of their soundcloud:
Here's their official website:
Here's their live performance on sounds from the corner: 

Mereka saat mini concert di Lokantara. Bandung

Mereka saat live rekaman di studio musik legendaris Lokananta, Solo

note: the pictures are not mine


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