One more thing that I know I like

I'm not included in the category of people who likes to wear accessories. I don't ever wear rings, I wear necklace occasionally, and bracelets often enough. Thus, I don't usually buy them, I prefer tops or pullovers, but I made an exception on a spontaneous shopping trip on Wednesday. 

I was searching for birthday presents that I can give to friends of mine who recently just had their birthdays. Of course, I ended up buying a few things for myself. As much as I don't like wearing jewelries, I have to admit, I am weak with anything related to animals. Especially mythical animals that have a unique story behind it. Although these ones don't have any kind of stories, I fell for them. A couple of them are going to be given to my friends as birthday presents, and some I kept for myself. 

They're just perfectly fit for my taste. I love majestic animals, like the eagle, and the bird ring that I kept, and I especially love the fox ring. The best thing was they were on sale, so I bought a lot. 

You know what? These animals represent a symbol of a personality, a value that will somewhat be personally meaningful if you wear it. It represents something in you. Each animal has a strength and a weakness, so at least it means something. 

I have this thing for symbolic habits, drawings, and even a symbolic fashion statement. I like to put meaning in everything that I wear, do, write, or draw, and of course everything that are happening in my life. Some people probably think that it's a part of my personality, which is to over-think things. But what's exactly wrong with it? Nothing. Being right or wrong is irrelevant, the most important thing is to know how to deal with it in the future. 

This post turned out to be longer than I thought. 



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