An ending of a chapter as well as a love story

I will now share an ending of a chapter in Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Angel's Game. Located in the third part of the book, it is an ending of the tenth chapter, written on page 543 to 544. Here goes..

I followed the tracks as far as the park that bordered the lake. A full moon burned over the large sheet of ice. That is when I saw her. She was limping over the frozen lake, a line of blood behind her, the nightdress covering her body trembling in the breeze. By the time I reached the shore, Cristina had walked about thirty meters toward the center of the lake. I shouted her name and she stopped. Slowly she turned and I saw her smile as a cobweb of cracks began to weave itself beneath her feet. I jumped into the ice, feeling the frozen surface buckle, and ran toward her. Cristina stood still, looking at me. The cracks under her feet were expanding into a mesh of black veins. The Ice was giving way and I fell flat on my face. 
"I love you," I heard her say. 
I crawled toward her, but the web of cracks was growing and now encircled her. Barely a few meters separated us when I heard the ice finally break. Black jaws snapped open and swallowed her up into a pool of tar. As soon as she disappeared under the surface, the plates of ice begin to join up, sealing the opening through which Cristina had plunged. 
Caught by the current, her body slid a couple of meters toward me under the ice. I managed to pull myself to the place where she had become trapped and I pounded the ice frantically. Cristina, her eyes open and her hair streaming out around her, watched me from the other side of the translucent sheet. I hammered at the ice until I'd shattered my hands, but in vain. Cristina never let her eyes stray from mine. She placed her hand on the ice and smiled. The last bubbles of air were escaping from her lips and her pupils dilated a final time. A second later, she began to sink forever into the blackness. 


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