If you could give, give knowledge and opportunities


Today I received the privilege of meeting these amazing kids. It all started when I asked a friend of mine a week ago if she had any social work that I could do. She gave me an e-mail contact to which I would send my CV so I could be a volunteer. That's how I signed up for this heart-warming experience. 

The activity was to create paintings on T-shirts and canvas pouches which will be sold on a website. The profit will be given to other orphanages. The idea is that no matter what condition you are in, you can always help out other unfortunate kids. These kids were given the opportunity to learn how to be creative and innovative. They learned the basics, the baby steps, to becoming an entrepreneur, which will be very useful for them in the future. As they learn, they also had the opportunity to help out other kids in their condition. 

One of the task that I had to do was ask their name, age, and who it is that they would help out if they have the opportunity to do so. Most of these kids answer a name of one of their friends who are also in the same condition as they do. It shows how they can experience empathy despite their also unfortunate condition. With this they learn to not always look up to the people with more fortunate conditions but also act upon their sympathy for their friends. 

This is also a reminder for me to not always ask for things but also to give more of my strength and what I have to other people who need them more. I'm grateful for today, I didn't do much, but I felt that I gained something precious out of this. And the most important thing is the new experience and knowledge that they received out of this activity which are far more precious than any sum of money that I could give. 


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