These are my heroes..

I always think of answers to questions that people would most likely not to ask. Therefore, once they ask questions that are supposedly easy to answer, my mind goes completely blank. This article though, is about one of the questions that I thought of recently, and therefore is a question people would most likely not to ask.

Why do I read books?

Now, I shall answer this question myself, and I must tell you that this is my own personal opinion. It will probably clash with your own answer, but there is a possibility that you and I share the same answer.

I read books to search for myself. Somehow I can always see myself in every book I’ve read. But at the same time, I’m always searching for feelings and emotions that don’t exist in my life. I always see these strangers in every page I read, but I see a little bit of myself in them. Yet they are experiencing these emotions that I have never experienced. Maybe it’s because of my dull life, I’d say. But it’s most likely because I have never tried to expand my own imagination.

These books did expand my imagination. But somehow I’m always too lazy to try and create my own dreams. The result is that I’ve come to always dream someone else’s dream.

Nevertheless, these books have always been there for me when I search for answers. Such as, when I lost my dearest mother, I haven’t had the slightest idea on how to handle such hard loss. With books, I can understand more about my emotions and how to deal with them.

These characters I read, provide such help and guidance, regardless of how flawed they are. Because no matter how far it is from reality, a book always provide many ways to handle big hurdles, especially emotional hurdles.

So if you ask me who my biggest hero is, aside from my parents I’d most likely answer anyone from Jane Austen to John Green, or Jane Eyre to Roald Dahl. These are my true heroes.  


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