Because I Said So

"Because I Said So" is a 2007 movie directed and starred by Diane Keaton. It follows the love life of Milly Wilder (Mandy Moore), the youngest daughter of Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) who controls her daughter's love life due to the undeniable fact that it's repugnant. Her two elder sisters have already been married and she's stuck with her saddening love life. At this, her mother knowingly puts on a personal ad online to find the love of her daughter's life. With this she met Jason, a gorgeous architect with empty eyes and a too similar personality like her. Johnny is a drop-dead charming and handsome musician that happens to be there when Daphne meets Jason. Milly meets both of this guys, unable to resist these two amazing guys, she goes out with both of them. When Johnny finds out, they broke up, Johnny left feeling betrayed. Then Milly discovered about how Jason and her mom set her up to everything from the internet. She realizes she can never be with Jason of whom her mother singlehandedly chosen to be her date. With an apology she explained it all to Johnny, who needed a while to put down his pride and get her back at Daphne's inducement. 

"Because I Said So" is aesthetically satisfying for my eyes, every settings in every scenes of this movie is beautifully planned, as if it was made for my pleasure. The fact that Diane Keaton directed this movie makes perfect sense behind the elegant theme in every scenes. I have always loved her sense of fashion and style, and it is explicitly showed on this movie. I love Daphne's house and Milly's loft, every furniture and even the cutlery in Milly's loft are dainty. Their wardrobe in this movie are suitable for my taste too, they actually remind me a lot of my mother's sense of fashion. 

The mother-daughter bond in this movie is relatable to me. The story all-together is enticing, the fact that Daphne was a single mother raising three beautiful daughters. Also the fact that Daphne and Milly shares the same interest which is cooking, emphasized the whole mother-daughter connection thing. I do agree that the script could be a lot more appealing and is a bit tacky. But I wish everyone could give a tiny bit more of appreciation to Diane. She succeeded in creating this dimension of her own taste in which the story takes place. She created a perfect family according to her sense of style. With this perfection, the story may seem a bit boring to some people with hard criticism. It certainly lacks much of the components in what makes a great movie. But for me, this movie played a big role in the teenager me who is still looking for her own style and intake in life. 

I recommend this movie despite what critics said about this movie. I will defend it for its righteous place in the list of aesthetically satisfying movie that will give one or two significant advice for your daily lifestyle. 


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