Sky Sailor by Gardika Gigih

I have always admire beautiful illustration and animation work that seems to have the power of your imagination once it steals your attention. That is explicitly why I admire Hayao Miyazaki's work on each of Studio Ghibli's animation. The quirky and out of the box characters and story just came to life with each its symphony and composition. 

Somehow, this music video of Gardika Gigih's composition, the 'Sky Sailor', reminds me a bit of Hayao's work. I am always weak in the knees for stories about a parallel universe or the possibility of another dimension where even a pot kettle can talk or where a rabbit can even read time. 

This short music video animation by Gata Mahardika and Tirta Pryandana provides that story, despite the shortness of the music video, I can let my imagination run wild and create the whole full movie version of this video, bent and told specifically according to my instructions. 

That is what amazing and dreamy composition and illustration can do, which is to create your own space in the little imagination that you have left, to bend, stretch, and grow bigger, wider, and deeper. They left something in your heart, almost like the feeling when you receive a gift from a stranger, or the tiny serene moment when you see and smell a beautiful rose that was given to you. That is precisely what I get from watching this video. Try and see it for yourself.


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