13 Oktober 2010

BANGSAAT! tuh anak makin ngocol aja. tambah lagi gue belakangan ini bete terus, maunya marah. i got a message for her if she reads this "enjoy your popularity? well, enjoy my middle finger cuz you're going to get it every five minutes of every day, seven days a week, swear to god. And is it that important to you to hang out with them popular kids? is it important being popular? i don't think so."

You know what, i honestly think my problem here is jealousy and i'm not afraid to admit it. I am jealous. Jealous of her looks, her life, her everything. I want to have everything she has. She has everything that i have to live without. And it suckss, i'm telling you, jealousy is a poison. I can't stop hating her, and i'm suppose to be her friend.

I've heard from all of my friends heartbreak problems, crush, in love, and stuff. Honestly? I don't get it. Sorry. Maybe i had some crushes, but now i don't see any point from having one. The only thing i know is i'm having fun with my friends, my life and myself. I don't see boys and love on my most important list to have on life. Don't get me wrong, i get very attractive to boys but i don't see them as something important. I've seen many of my friends get stressed out because of boys, and i have to tell you that nothing worth being stressed out for, especially boys. Just live your life happily, problems? they happen, and we can always make them go away.


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