21 Oktober 2010

Today, something interesting happened. After school, my class went to the theater to practice our drama. Everyone got really emotional because half of the boys haven't come on 3 o'clock, and they said that they were eating, imagine how furious Sella is. The rehearsal wasn't so in control at first, but then we compromised and the leaders went very wise. It wasn't until 4 o'clock that we realize it was raining so hard outside. It wasn't raining, it was a storm, my mom was afraid to leave at that time because the rain is so hard a few trees came down and broke a few cars. It was so scary we thought that we'll get stuck at school, we couldn't go anywhere not in that weather. So, all of us sat down and evaluate our rehearsal, but then out of nowhere the power light went off, everyone was screaming and shouting and picking their bags, and this is how i know the rehearsal is over. Just like that, with the power light went off, our rehearsal was over and everyone went home. it was really scary, the storm. You couldn't imagine.


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