17 Oktober 2010

HOLA! So, yesterday my mom is back home. She was talking about how she had so much fun and telling us that we should regret not coming, part of my head wants to shut up her mouth, but another part of my head is telling myself to behave carefully so that she won't be mad again and will let me go to ice skating with my besties on friday next week.

Have you ever been on a near death experience? Well, i have..two times i think. The first one happened long ago and i think i told you here somewhere, just scroll down. Anyway, the second time is today.

So my mom told me to get my brother a haircut at the mall and do some groceries shopping, so here we are at margo city (we live in depok! Raise your hand if you live in depok! Yeay depokers!), my mom stayed home because she said she was too exhausted to walk. So we went to the salon and we had to wait for a while. I saw a couple of boys wearing red t-shirts with writings that said "Nikita Willy" entering the salon, ya'll know who Nikita is, right?. I raised my eyebrow (guess which one! ;P). I thought they were just some fans, but what are they doing wearing that in margo city? So i figured Nikita is here. W00t! And i was right! She was inside the salon, i couldn't see her because it was too crowded, she walked out (celebrity style, i meant sunglasses and short skin tight jeans, hell yeah!). I was O.O . i don't watch her works anyway, but still...

Okay! Grocery time! Don't tell anybody, but i actually thought about spending all the money my mother gave me and buy a starbucks caramel frapucinno. Of course i didn't do it, i don't need another fight with my mom. Now move along! We went grocery shopping, it was boring so i'll skip..... After the grocery shopping we have to get home (i was dying to get home, my feet was killing me!), and in order to get home we have to cross a railway (i suppose with this statement, it all came to you how the story goes next, right?). I was really clumsy and forgot to look to my right and left. Actually i looked, but only left and we already walked so.... when i look at my right (Ting ting ting). We were so surprised (my brother and me i meant). We backed away immediately and i was busy checking all my body parts, thank God we were okay! Guess what i did next, i laughed (go figure!).

And how's your day??


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