16 Oktober 2010

Ahoy mates! Here's a tip or two from me on this fine sunny and windy day (my favorite kind of day ;P). When you buy a book please be sure you've read the writings on the back. On special occasions i feel that reading the writings on the back is unnecessary, i have to tell you that these special occasions are very very crucial and usually leads to death. One time i actually had to pee but my mom told me that we should buy a book first so i had to pick a book and rushed to the bathroom, and obviously i didn't read the writings on the back. Umm, it was a piano book. You think that probably a piano book would be flawless, we can play piano from any book, right?

Yeah, no.

Today i was feeling like playing the piano and i took out the book i bought that day. It's crap, i'm telling you. The notes are very unclear and unplayable, it's inevitable, you should come to my house yourself and see. When i read them, my mind was going "watdefaaaak??". And here i am 30 minutes later have nothing to do in front of the computer (my internet is down so..).

Another tip from me. If you're brother is watching "Family Guy" and not laughing, might as well just take him to his bedroom, because he's probably sleeping. Seriously, my brother laughs to the point of choking when he's watching that godforsaken show. Oh and his voice is starting to change, and trust me it's creepy if he's crying or yelling at me.

And for the love of God, don't ask me anything about my science project (karya ilmiah as you know it). I totally have to finish it to pass to high school but i'm too lazy to work on it. Don't you dare assume that the teachers would stop all the homeworks and crazy assignments just to make time for us to finish the project. No, they're too mean too self-centered to do it.

You know the real reason i started this personal blog? I have two reasons. First of all, curiosity. Let's just say i want to know how many people feels the same way like me. Do they have trouble with friends? family maybe? So please leave a comment and just tell me what you think. Leave a peace of your mind right here with me, don't be shy to share what you think. And second of all, I want to get my mind off things and probably find solutions, you never knooow,...this is the internet anything can happen

Speaking of internet, mine is down right now. FFFFF. So actually i'm writing this on my laptop. So i was watching Vanity Lair on Star World. For anyone who doesn't know what Vanity Lair is, it's a reality tv show. 10 beautiful people lives in this mansion and every week 3 beautiful new people is going to be auditioned, and one from three is going to win and get to live in the mansion by replacing one least attractive in the mansion. In this mansion people struggles to be so attractive every minute of the day in order to stay in the mansion until the series is over and won the money. I think it's ridiculous, i'm sorry. But do we get money by being attractive, well maybe for celebrities and models, but us? And people shouldn't really judge other people by their looks. You see, when you know someone for the first time, it's like you see a blurry image of her (this is not just because i'm listening to Blurry by Puddle of Mud), get it? And when you get to know him or her better you're starting to have some kind of clearance image of her or him. It's like we're saying "Oh so this is the real her" and that's the point where we decide to be friends with her or him , right? if i don't like it, so why am i watching it? Well, i never said that i didn't like it. It's ridiculous but i like watching it now, why? the dramaaa..uyeee

Later after watching Vanity Lair i switched the channel to Cinemax and it's playing this horrible movie where friends kill each other friends, i don't really get the movie. But the point is we should pick our friends carefully. *whispering* they might be a psycho. Uggh, i still get chills from the movie. Well nighty night.

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