18 Oktober 2010

Hello! I know it's monday and i'm supposed to be at school, but i'm sick. Well, the me you usually know would just pretended to be sick, but really today my head feels like brick and someone is trying to break it, it's killing me literally. Hmm..maybe it's the accountants (reference: Family Guy).

Everybody has their own unusual habits. One of mine is how i eat. Imagine there's a variety of cakes in front of you, many different exotic flavors. Some of you probably eat them starting with which one you like the most, right? Well, i'm not like that. I would eat it starting with which one i like the least. Why? Because i'm dying to taste the best in the end, so the taste will be so much better cuz the not tasty ones have already been get rid of. Understand me? No? it's okay i'm not expecting much either.

Now let's talk celebrities, Who's Hot and Who's Not! I honestly think that Ryan Reynolds is The Hottest human being on the planet, have you seen his abs??? OH MY GOD. The second place is going to be my future boyfriends and husband. The third place is Hunter Parrish everybody! Blonde, abs, smile, voice, love em all! And NOT justin bieber, he might be in my prettiest girl list, check that, yeah i'm deadly serious. I hate justin bieber, i'm sorry. His songs are not creative at all, he's just repeating what he said, gosh. Oh and James Marsden is totally hot!!! I'm melting. Have you ever seen Hairspray?? OMG he's so charming and that time i didn't know he could sing, gosh! I'm choking of their perfection!

Well, i guess it's enough for the day, i have to sleep and rest..TTYL ppl!!


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