5 November 2010

There's a reason i've been missing out although until this day on i haven't even yet posted any of this posts i've been writing on my laptop. I'm so sick of waiting for those telkom guys to show up and fix this damn thing.

so guys, i've been in hospital for one week for typhus and dengue fever and an infection somewhere inside my body. So yeah, i've been dealing with those illness at the same time. But now i'm home, slightly dizzy and delusional but i just couldn't wait to get out of that hospital, horrible food just horrible!

It's a big day for my friends tomorrow but not me. All my friends are going to this halloween party and my mom wouldn't allow me because i just got out of the hospital, what a horrible world, huh? Everyone is so busy with their costumes and make up and i'll be home just catching up my studies. So i figured, there'll be more in high school, right? right???? But if a fairy godmother would turn me into a princess and drive me to the ball, now would be a good time. I'm sure it's gonna be a blast. Have fun for you guys!

Anyways, have you guys watch Step up 3D? Well, before i got sick, me and my friends went down to Mall Taman Anggrek, at first we were planning on ice skating. But when we got there, it turned out that the ring was closed for renovation, my friends and i was completely disappointed and upset. And then we thought, "hey, we already got here, we have to do something!." So yeah, we watched Step up 3D and i'm telling you it is the AWESOMEST movie ever! it was totally worth the 50 thousand rupiahs, trust me you have to see it. My friends went totally crazy on the main player, Rick Malambri and he's definitely on my top ten hollywood hottie list.

See you guys later!


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