20 Oktober 2010

Do you have a wish list? No? Why? Everybody has a wish list, or at least they should. I know it's not showing how you are very thankful of what was given by God. But i just had to have one. And trust me, it's looong. How to get most of them is being rich, and i'm not. So you can imagine how in pain i am, you know, for having too long of a wish list and can't get even some of them. And the biggest pain in my ass, in this problem is that i know if things were different, i can get some of them. And the biggest of the things is if my dad didn't die. At least i know i can get a blackberry. I guess all i want to know by writing this is that if it's okay of me for having a wish list. Because having it, i'm not being fair with my mother. She's a single mom, part of her really wants to give us everything we want, spoil us and all but part of her has to do her job being a father too, being strict to us and take care of our financial problem plus, driving us everywhere. And i keep getting busier and busier as a teenager, problems just keep slamming back it's like a never ending tennis match. it's very hard for her, and the thing is she shows it to us, or maybe a bit of her feelings, but still, it makes us feel bad and we get stressed out too. 


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