Hey guys, sorry i can't post anything yesterday and today. Well, Saturday was a rather busy day, i came to school to accompany my mom, she has some business to take care of and i was told to wait, but waiting in the car was boring so i took a stroll around my school and took some pictures. This sure brings back memories.

This is my junior high school. I'll have to say goodbye to this building soon.

This is the place where i'll be attending high school. I don't know how many years has it been since i started going to school at Al-Izhar. You can say that i spent most of my years, until now learning here. I went to kindergarten here and elementary here, passed junior high in Al-Izhar and will be learning in senior high here too. It'll be exciting, don't get me wrong, new experiences awaits me in this building. Wish me luck!

One of those pictures that you took when you're bored but turned out really good. Anyways, it's me, and i love it :D

After that, me and my mom went to Pasaraya Grande to look for a kebaya (a traditional clothing for girls in Indonesia) for me to wear when i graduate. Didn't find what i want and the prices are all sooo expensive, so me and my mom just decided to have some lunch in Pasaraya, my mom really craved for some dim sum. We searched everywhere and find one place where they have dim sum. Nice lunch.

After that we head to Mayestik to search for umm.. the fabric to make my own kebaya. We bought some fruits too and KUE RANGI, oh my god it's one of the great delicacies of Indonesia that i really love, too bad that it doesn't sell in many places, but we found one in Mayestik, and i ate it like crazy. I really love it. It's getting late so we hurriedly went to the taylor and asked them to make my kebaya and we head home. My mom had to pick up my brother at home and go to the dentist, he's getting braces meanwhile i stayed home.

See you in the next post.


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