Liberty Chasing Hottie

Hey guys! Soooo, i have a new crush. Okay, ready?? His name is Matthew William Goode. Isn't he handsome? The best thing about him is that he has a british accent, and we all know that guys with accents are the best, agree? Anyways, the reason i'm telling you this is that i watched Chasing Liberty just a little while ago. Guess what? His co-star is the famous and beautiful Mandy Moore, gosh i love her in A Walk to Remember. In Chasing Liberty, Mandy played as a daughter of the president of the united states, and she is so freaking tired of those agents that are assigned to her from time to time. She wanted a little freedom and bumped in to Ben (Matthew). And she tasted her freedom in Europe with Ben and in the end she found out that Ben is just another agent. Unfortunately, they fell in love when they had their little adventure. Anna's (Mandy) heart was broken. But don't worry they hook up in the end, they always have..*sigh*. Anyways, i watched this one movie that Matthew played, it's Leap Year. He played as an irish hottie who owns a bar but stuck with a girl (Amy Adams) from America that is trying to make her way to Dublin. The two of them had a little adventure when they are on their way to Dublin, and fell in love in the end. Amy Adams is beautiful, really. She has this ginger hair, but really adorable. And she has this...clear eyes, she's just beautiful. I don't really like Matthew in Watchmen though, he played as the villain and didn't suit him that much.


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