Eternal Shoujos

I swear, reading Kimi ni Todoke manga is the best decision i've made all my life. I haven't watched the anime yet but i WILL. It's the sweetest story in the world. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. I swear, those tears won't be a waste at all. And now they made the life action drama but i have to watch the anime first. HAVE TO. It's a story about love, friendship, and loyalty. It teaches that sometimes you just have to say what you're feeling to work it out.

So, i finished watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya S2 about a month ago in Animax. When i first watched it, it's already season 2 and i was kind of confused regarding the story. But i watched it whatsoever because i think something about the character of Haruhi attracted me. It's not just some random cheap anime you'll find everywhere. This is a really good anime. And you know that sometimes well most of the time anime is adapted from the manga version, right? Well, this isn't adapted from a manga but a novel. When i watched the season 1 on youtube, then i've come to understand the whole story and i completely fell in love with the whole concept. Highly recommended! I can't tell you the story because... i don't know how to tell it, all you can do is just watch it yourself, you'll understand.

I'm so happy and sad at the same time now. Because today i finished watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama! anime on youtube. I'm sad that season one is over but i'm really happy about the ending of the season. For you who doesn't know this anime, WATCH IT! Like, it's a must. Totally one of the best anime i've ever seen. Anyway, originally it was a manga, but i watched the anime first, and then i'm planning on reading the manga online. This anime is funny, sad, and filled with romance. But mostly funny.

The girl, Misaki is a poor girl that lives with her mother and sister. Her father left her and their family behind so she grew up hating guys. One day she entered a school that used to be an all boys school, and she (as the strongest girl ever alive i think) has to make the environment comfortable for the few girls who started going to school there too. She is a strict student council president but boys there started to respect her along the way. But secretly, she works as a maid, and between her secret and her school problems, Usui-kun will always be there for her.

These three animes are some of the reasons i like reading manga and watching anime. The world of anime is not just filled with some kind of fantasy stories, like vampires and demons and such but we can take something real there for us to use in real life or maybe just something to think about. There is something amazing about these three that i just couldn't explain. Maybe you won't like it, maybe you will. I can't make you like it of course, but it's just so meaningful to me, i mean the stories. Maybe i will introduce you to Studio Gibli, they are pretty famous for making great animation movies that not only children will like but teens like me too.

Next post then. Bye!


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