When i heard the news, i was ecstatic. I've been in love with Paramore for a year, and i admit i'm not their biggest fan, but i do memorize the lyrics for their songs. So, long before the presale day, me and a friend of mine have been wanting to buy the tickets on that day. Obviously, my mom is not going to drive me to Thamrin City Hall just for the presale, she wouldn't drive me if it's not something important, and for her, my wants and my interests are not her priority. On this matter, i would envy my friends if they say that their mother bought their favorite band's album when their parents are in Spore or something, because you and i know that my mom wouldn't understand my love for music. Of course, i've been really grateful for the things she bought me when she went to America, it was more than enough for me, knowing our circumstances (we have to safe in order to survive). She bought me a H&M sweater, knee length socks, tights and knitted hat oh and don't forget the expensive boots. But still, i was planning to buy the tickets with my own money, and she still doesn't want to drive me when my friend canceled and ditched me. So who is suppose to drive me there for the tickets, and don't forget the H-day. The venue is in Carnaval Beach, Ancol.. at night. So i have no choice but to cancel my plan on watching Paramore's concert here in Indonesia.


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