"L" Loser Like Me!

Hey guys! Obviously you must've already figured it out, that i am clearly have nothing to do today. I watched The Rebound a couple of hours ago, and completely blown away with Justin Bartha's performance as Aram. The movie is sooo funny, i can't stop laughing the whole time. His co-star is the gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones. She played as a hot neighbor in her middle age and a mother of two children. Anyway, i can only name two movies that he played in and i already watched which are National Treasures 1 & 2. Is he cute? i love him when he smiled.

This afternoon's post is titled "Loser Like Me" because i feel like one right now. School's already over and i don't know what to do. I always enjoy movies at home, but that doesn't satisfy me. I wish someone would take me away before i kill myself.

The picture above shows one of the t-shirts that i bought in Bandung. I'm wearing it today, too bad i didn't go anywhere to show it off (ke...ke...ke).


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